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People who are achievers were once dreamers; but not all dreamers eventually become achievers. Before a person gets to become who he/she was meant to become, he/she must be responsible and take the necessary steps expected.
— Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the Dream

Get Crackin’!  A familiar saying that I love to say to my kids, but same holds true for us as leaders. Inspiring action to get moving on what matters most is followed by the sense of urgency to make changes.  The business world is ever fast and moving.  There is no time to waste.

Capability is defined as the extent of someone’s ability or power against a standard.  Is good enough sometimes good enough for you?  Do you find yourself plowing through rather than making a difference?  Time to get a quick check; get your head in the game.


Developing the Leader in You

1.  SHOW UP – Come ready to play every day.

Problems at home, problems at work; it doesn’t matter for a capable leader.  No matter how you feel, what you face, or how challenging you expect it to be, show up and show up BIG.  Because the fact of the matter is – no one cares what you’re going through, especially as a leader.  People are counting on you and they expect you to “fit” into the role of leadership and to have those capabilities.


2.  KEEP IMPROVING – Consistently ask why and strive for excellence.

I recall coming on board with a major retailer responsible for several million dollars of sales in a metro region.  I lead the district to the highest percentage in growth that they had seen in years.  But that wasn’t something to get comfortable with.  I wanted to inspire curiosity in my teams, a need to know why this was happening.  What behaviors were different so that we could reflect on them in the future?  There was no doubt we would be faced with challenges in our business in the future as many are in an unstable sales environment.  This brings to mind a quote that I have used throughout my career in sales:

Success isn’t forever and failure isn’t fatal.
— Don Shula

What does that mean?  Coach Shula gave his team 1 day to relish the victory of a win, and the same 1 day to feel disappointment of a loss. Then that was it.  For tomorrow is always another day to take you closer to your goals.  Reflect.  Know why.  Learn.  Move on.  


3.  SURPASS EXPECTATIONS – Go the extra mile.

Do the job, and then some, day after day.  Mediocrity is not acceptable.  No one will ever win any awards or get any positive press by simply maintaining.  Ask yourself what is good versus great? 
Good is achieving what is expected of you.  Maintaining on your job description and hitting your numbers are good.  Great is going beyond the norm, taking an extra step, thinking ahead and anticipating.  Exceeding.  This makes people notice you.  Decide to be great.


This is about building trust and inspiring others to follow you.  Through your ability to accomplish and do you inspire and build trust.  However, capability for a leader isn't necessarily the ability to DO it, but rather the ability to know HOW and WHY.  This requires a natural curiosity for your work, your team, your industry.  Do your research and learn the ins and outs.  Apply it to painting a vision to explain to how and why so your team can do…and EXCEL.


No one stays idle as the journey of leadership is underway.  You either move forward, or you move backward.  Research who you are, dedicate time and money into your own development.  The journey keeps you moving, either way. Move forward, grow, learn be EXTRAORDINARY!