Beautifully Inspired

Career Coaching, Inspirational Leadership and Artistry

 Beautifully Inspired is your source for career coaching, talent development, inspirational leadership and collaboration.  Services include: private coaching, resume creation, development plans and skill assessments.

The Development Process

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without the work.
— Émile Zola



You can text, email, call, or meet me face to face.  Most of my clients are scattered about the US, so any kind of informal communication may act as an impromptu interview which would allow me to get to know who you are and what you're looking for.  You'll also get to know me better, too! After our initial talk, I'll send you a simple questionnaire. It's fun, self-explanatory and capable of making you dream again.


So you've decided that you love what you hear (and see) so far, great!  Here's where I will make any suggestions / recommendations from what I learned about you and add it to your profile.  Once you approve, I will send you a written estimate of the services and costs.  You would sign and return this document, signaling your acceptance.  This is an estimate, so any changes mutually agreed upon could be added at any time.



I'll create a top-secret Pinterest board for you to pin images, brands, articles and anything that you really love and that speaks to you on many levels.  This is a virtual "Vision Board" to share inspiration, motivation and keep centered on your ultimate goal.  This is a great place for me to share small tokens of wisdom, coaching and development with you as well.   



Here's where we tap into the best of you and get to heart of our relationship.  Truly EXCITING for us BOTH!  Based upon all of the research I've done, and all of the information I've gathered on what you're looking for, I'll begin scouting opportunities for you to consider as well as create your personalized Development Plan.  This is a crucial part of my job so I take it very seriously.  In many cases, this begins with the design of your talent portfolio.  This includes your LinkedIn Profile, resume, cover letter and follow-up documents to help you put your best foot forward when preparing personal presentations to potential new employers or business partners.  As it relates to your Development Plan, we will begin by identifying your core strengths and mining for opportunities to sharpen and practice your skills and ultimately achieve successful results.  



When I was leading teams, I use to call this "Coffee Talk with the Stars."  Think of this as our "coffee talk" or "date" where we plan time to touch base, chat about what's going on in your world and update progress to your goals and determine next steps.  Whether this is coaching you for an upcoming job interview, prepping for an upcoming  market tour or performance review, I will be sure that you are 100% prepared and ready to impress!  .